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Personalized & Collaborative Strategies To Make Your
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We're on a mission to help small businesses stay close to their customers through tailored digital marketing strategies. Our goal? To not only achieve measurable results but also nurture your business's growth. Your success is our heart and soul!


Hey There, I'm Alyssa !

Greetings from the charming streets of Charleston! I'm Alyssa, an Italian-American New Yorker who found a second home in the Lowcountry. Life threw me a curveball, leading me to pivot into the real estate realm here in Charleston. Little did I know, this shift would unveil a passion for creating captivating digital content and everything marketing-related. It didn't take long for me to realize that crafting digital magic was the highlight of my work.

And voila! That's how The Digital Touch came to life—a fusion of my love for marketing, digital creativity, and the vibrant spirit of the South. Now, I'm thrilled to bring this passion to you and your business. Let's create a digital touch that makes your brand stand out in the best possible way! 

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