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"Hey There!"

I'm Alyssa, your friendly Italian-American New Yorker who made a second home in Charleston, South Carolina. Life's twists and turns led me to a job as a real estate company admin, where I stumbled upon my love for content creation and digital marketing. The more I dabbled, the more I was hooked!

Fast forward to my birthday—cue the introspection. It hit me that while my job was cool, there was a yearning for something more, something on my own terms. That "Aha!" moment led me here, launching my own business. I'm beyond excited to dive into this adventure, assisting small businesses with their digital marketing dreams! Let's make some digital magic together!✨

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1 / Inquire

Ready to kick off this awesome collaboration? Hit us up with your details & tell us all about your business and those big, beautiful creative dreams!

2 / Connect

Let's connect to figure out how we can team up and find the perfect path forward! Your journey is unique, and we're excited to explore the best way to make things happen together!

3 / Proposal

Get ready for a personalized proposal packed with creative goodies and service options designed just for you! We're all about making it uniquely yours!

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