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Let's Talk About The Process

Ready to kick off our journey with a friendly chat? It won't cost you a thing, and we can dive into what your business needs. I'll spill all the beans about the awesome services I offer and we can talk about your business goals and how The Digital Touch can help! After our chat, I'll shoot you an email with a detailed quote, covering all the juicy details you're curious about. The ball's in your court—no pressure!

If you're feeling the vibe and decide to roll with it, I'll slide over a contract for you to check out and sign. Once the paperwork dance is done, we're officially in business!  Get ready for a seamless and downright enjoyable collaboration. Can't wait to make magic happen together! ✨

01 - Social Media Consulting & Customized Content Calendar 

This Package Includes:

  • Monthly Strategy Sessions:

    • Let's chat about strategies, trends, and your goals.

    • Tweaking campaigns for the best vibes and results.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching:

    • Personalized tips to supercharge your social media game.

    • Tailored advice on content and spicing up your profile​​

  • Hashtag & Audio Adventures:​​​

    • Digging up cool hashtags and staying audio-savvy.

    • Because your brand deserves the trendiest tags and beats.

  • Rock-Solid Content Calendar:

    • A carefully crafted plan for your brand's story.

    • Perfect timing for posts that'll light up your followers' feeds.


02 - Social Media Management

Offering Various Packages to Fit Your Needs & Your Budget:

  • Dedicated Account Manager + Director 

  • High-touch account collaboration + management 

  • Custom designed graphics + carousels 

  • Instagram + Facebook posts per week including : reels, carousels, images, graphics 

  • Trending Audio research + reel editing with transitions, subtitles + overlays

  • Creative/interactive Instagram stories + tagged image reposting 

  • Premium caption copywriting

  • Targeted hashtag clusters to gain your photos maximum exposure 

  • Optimized posting at high traffic times 

  • Daily community management, responding to comments, DMs + outbound engagement 

  • Analytics + content consultations

03 - Customized Branding Kit

Elevate your brand identity with our comprehensive Custom Branding Kits, meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impression. Each kit includes:

  • Digital & Printable Business Card Design: Make a statement with a business card that reflects your unique brand personality, ready to impress both digitally and in print.

  • Custom E-mail Signature Block: Extend your brand seamlessly into your email communications with a personalized and professional e-mail signature block.

  • Main Logo Design: Your primary brand symbol meticulously designed to encapsulate your brand essence and leave a memorable mark.

  • (2) Secondary Logo Designs: Expand your visual repertoire with two secondary logo designs that maintain brand consistency while offering versatility.

  • Color Palette with (4) Branded Colors: Establish a cohesive and distinctive visual identity with a carefully curated color palette featuring four branded colors.

  • (2) Branded Fonts: Enhance your brand's typography with two carefully selected fonts that complement your design aesthetic and reinforce brand recognition.

Untitled design (17).png

04 - Printable Materials

We take pride in providing top-notch printed materials to elevate your brand and make a lasting impression. Explore our diverse range of printed services tailored to meet your unique needs:

  • Flyers:

Captivate your audience with eye-catching and informative flyers. 

  • Brochures:

Perfect for showcasing your products, services, or business offerings.

  • Posters:

Whether it's for events, promotions, or informational displays, our posters are sure to grab attention.

  • Infographics:

Visualize data and information in a compelling way with our custom-designed infographics.

  • Business Cards:

Leave a memorable impression with our high-quality business cards.

  • Real Estate Buying & Selling Presentations:

Stand out in the competitive real estate market with our specialized presentations. Showcase properties, highlight key features, and impress clients with visually stunning materials.

05 - Wix Website Design

We believe that every brand deserves a stunning online presence. Our specialized service focuses on designing eye-catching and functional websites using Wix platform. Explore the benefits of choosing us for your online journey:

  • Custom Websites:

Transform your vision into reality with a website design that speaks to your brand. We work to design a unique and visually appealing websites tailored to your brand.

  • User-Friendly Design:

Our goal is to create websites that not only look great but are also easy to navigate. Enjoy a user-friendly design that enhances the overall browsing experience for your visitors.


06 - Custom Logo Design

Step into a unique brand expression with our Custom Logo Design service, tailored to encapsulate your essence. This package includes:

  • One Primary Logo: A distinctive and impactful representation that becomes the core symbol of your brand identity.

  • One Alternate Secondary Logo: Enhance versatility with an alternate logo design, perfect for various contexts and applications.

  • One Alternate Tertiary Logo: Expand your brand's visual language with a tertiary logo, offering flexibility and creative options.

Rest assured, each design is crafted with your brand's uniqueness in mind, ensuring a copyright-free and original representation. Let your brand shine with a logo that tells your story. Elevate your visual identity today!


1 / Inquire

Ready to kick off this awesome collaboration? Hit us up with your details & tell us all about your business and those big, beautiful creative dreams!

2 / Connect

Let's connect to figure out how we can team up and find the perfect path forward! Your journey is unique, and we're excited to explore the best way to make things happen together!

3 / Proposal

Get ready for a personalized proposal packed with creative goodies and service options designed just for you! We're all about making it uniquely yours!

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